AViCON is RTI's annual conference focused on aviation industry accident investigation, and conflict and claim resolution.  This unique, two-day format centers around a fictional case study and features discussions lead by legal and insurance experts.  Together, the group will explore considerations and complexities of the case from accident investigation, legal discovery, multi-party litigation, and resolution.

This conference is designed for professionals involved in aviation insurance, including underwriters, claims managers, lawyers, risk managers, insurance brokers, airline flight safety directors, airline board members with flight safety responsibility, claims investigators, and aircraft product manufacturers.

AViCON is a unique event led by the legal positions that arise from the carefully scripted aircraft accident animation and the experience of our panel of experts. The key advantage of this liability-rich scenario involving fictional parties is that it removes conflicts of interest, and thus allows those with greatly respected experience to share their professional views while being open and frank in their discussions. This brilliant concept encourages wider audience participation, bringing together the combined experience and skill of its delegates.

Past AViCON conference attendees from various states have been granted Continuing Legal Education credits and insurance CE credits. RTI, with the assistance of DRI, obtained CLE credit status for past conferences and will continue to provide CLE and CE credit for future conferences.



Since 1998 AViCON has presented detailed fact patterns and creative state-of-the-art animations that inspire educational and informative dialogue by leaders in aviation claims litigation.

AViCON case studies are set within an environment that includes many possible choices of forum and law. The accident scenario is presented with state-of-the-art interactive animation prepared by RTI's Imaging Sciences Studios and highlights a fresh set of issues of current concern and debate within the aviation market. This event presents a unique opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the entire range of complexities involved in aviation safety, in a concise and effective format.